in the present

We are living in a time of information, globalisation, wealth inequality, great technological advances, debt, ecological change on a vast scale, urbanisation and consumption. On top of this, we have our individual lives to live – the physical needs to eat, drink and sleep. The continual rhythms of society, our lives in sheltered accommodation, families, recreation, education, security, conflict, all go on, amidst this confusion.

How do I engage with the natural world and the man-made world during this current period? How do I differentiate between

my own unique internal experiences and the experiences which are engaging in information external of my own senses?

Is it even possible to differentiate between these experiences?

Our disconnection from the natural world has helped to wipe out this primal instinct and has replaced our time with a constant stream of information and vast amounts of work. 

Two dimensional images are having an impact on the way we engage with the both the internal and the external. 


"We can split everything that we see into colour, and it is these divisions of colours (or colour differences) which allow us to understand the physical visual environment. An object or being is visually understood in relation to its physical make up - which gives it its visual appearance." 




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